Guaranteed file acceptance


3D image and multiple sizes of eBook cover for marketing

eBook Interior Only: epub for all distribution



Level 1 Graphics - One of the following:
· Facebook header                                                                                                    
· Twitter header
· Banner Ad                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

· Business Card Design (includes a coupon for printing)
· Bookmark Design (includes a coupon for printing)
· Postcard Design (includes a coupon for printing)

Interior & Cover Design for eBook & Paperback

Guaranteed file acceptance

Interior & Cover Design for Paperback or Hardback




Ultimate Pro Package

Other Services

Royalty free images/textures

Barcode generated from your ISBN

What You Can Expect

3D image and multiple sizes for marketing

3D view of book on a transparent background for promotional purposes (must have eBook already)   

Custom professional cover design

Barcode generated from your ISBN

Design Services



Step 1: Fill in what you can of the order form, then a managing editor will contact you within one business day to assist with any additional information the designer might need and to confirm billing and scheduling for your project.

Step 2: Your managing editor will help convey exactly what your expectations and ideas are through their ability to speak “design” and their experience in knowing exactly what designers need to achieve your goals for the book. They also bring a wealth of marketing and publishing experience to help advise you through the process.


After you review the first mock-up/proof (mock-ups are exterior design and proofs are interior design), the designer will process your revisions request and produce a new mock-up/proof. Those review and revise steps will repeat until you are completely satisfied.*

  • Your managing editor will be available with no more than 1 business day response time, via phone or email, your choice, to consult about what changes to make and help with communicating those changes to the design team efficiently and effectively.
  • Time in between the start date and a first mock-up/proof, then between your revisions requests and next mock-up/proof can vary from 1-5 business days depending on complexity of the project and/or amount of revisions being made.


Upon approval, publishing files are typically delivered within 1-2 business days.

Final publishing files will be provided through a Dropbox shared folder because there are several documents for each version and some of them are just too large for email delivery. Your managing editor will set that up so you'll have no trouble downloading your publishing files, and also provide support with deciphering which files are for which steps of the publishing process.


If during the publishing steps, you encounter any issues related to the layout of the files, your designer will resolve the problem quickly. File acceptance is 100% guaranteed.** Our team is also available for cost effective updates/changes to publishing files if needed in the future.


* Unlimited revisions within reason. Changing your mind to the extent that it causes the designer rework will result in additional fees.

** 100% guaranteed file acceptance applies to the platform the file was created for in the case of print files as each platform has different requirements. This covers designer error and most platform requirement changes that would require adjustment of size or some other setting for eBook and print files. Does not cover author wanting to make changes after publishing file delivery.


*Nonfiction books are priced case by case to accommodate the variety of extra titles, tables, bullets, images, etc.

Cover publishing file

Level 3 Graphics - Complex Map                                                         

Custom professional design of spine & back panel to add onto your existing eBook cover


Professional interior design of PDF files for Paperback or Hardcover


Print Pro Package

eBook and Paperback or Hardback – Interior Only    

eBook Pro Package

eBook Cover Only


Royalty free images/textures

eBook Interior Only: KDP Only

To initiate scheduling design services, CLICK BELOW:

IAPS Design Services Form

A publishing consultant will contact you within 1 business day to answer any questions, further develop the information you want the designers to see as needed, and verify your order for scheduling and billing.

Level 2 Graphics - Your choice of a Logo Design or Simple Map                                                                                                   


Royalty free images/textures

Cover publishing file

Guaranteed file acceptance

eBook and print cover publishing files

Interior & Cover Design for eBook


Hourly Design

Paperback or Hardback – Interior Only

3 images/angles of 3D book (must have spine already)                                                               

Add on Hardback to Ultimate Pro Package

Professional interior design of mobi and ePub files


Professional interior design of mobi, ePub and print PDF files

Custom professional cover design


Nonfiction print/eBook Interiors with Complex Heading Levels, Images, etc. PRICED CASE BY CASE