Did you know that Wordpress offers domains and a very user friendly dashboard for creating and managing your website for only $18 a year?

Did you know you don't need expensive hosting service for your website because you won't be doing your own fulfillment of sales, so don't need a shopping cart option?

Do you know how to turn your website into an email collection tool for advanced email marketing?

Just looking for free resources to up your marketing game?

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What is an Author Platform?

1. Initial setup of author platform with branding efforts to create awareness while growing a list of potential buyers for later direct marketing efforts.

2. Set up growth and maintenance strategies to minimize time spent on marketing tasks.

3. Marketing and promotion activities designed to drive sales.

What about growth and maintenance strategies?

Approach marketing as distinct steps to make it more manageable so you can avoid sacrificing valuable writing time. Here are the three steps to branding and product marketing for authors:


We offer a variety of services for marketing and promotions so authors can keep writing. Schedule a consultation to define the right marketing plan for you or select from predefined services below.

Ready for marketing and growth strategies to drive sales?

Don't think in terms of how you use social media personally. Rather, think about using the internet and social media like a business to reach mass volumes of people quickly and repeatedly. Post and tweet in volume and with consistency, and use analytics to determine your target market and improve your strategies for reaching and attracting buyers. You'll need certain tools and automations in place to do that, or you will spend all your time tweeting and posting while getting nowhere fast. We can teach you how or do it for you, or any combination in between. 

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This is an industry term referring to the ‘stage’ an author ‘stands on’ to attract and address their target market. A typical author platform is comprised of a website, a blog page (within the website, and not necessarily used as a traditional blog), social media profiles, and product sales pages. All the pieces of public information related to your brand (author name) and your products (book versions) make up one author platform. This includes front and back matter pages within your books as well!

​The elements within an author platform send and receive consumers between each other with the goal of capturing interest by using a variety of approaches to ultimately attract an email sign up for your email marketing list and land the navigator on the book’s sales page.


We can assist with any piece or all the pieces of developing your author platform. For services around your website/blog, let’s discuss what your specific needs are to price this for only the time you need dedicated to that service. This can range from training calls to teach you anything you can think of to do with making your website the best marketing tool it can be, to actually signing in to your website and making improvements to layout/widget use.