Preparing to move from writing to editing to design to publishing can be very overwhelming. Where to begin? What to believe? There is so much information available online from so many different sources, authors of every level of success handing out advice like gospel, websites selling every service you can imagine and quite convincing that you need all of it, and how-to information that just doesn't fill in all the blanks.

How do you sort through it all and make the right decisions for your goals and budget?

First, talk with someone experienced who will give you all the information, not just what meets their purposes. We don't care which publishing path you choose, only that you have all the information you actually need to make that choice. Take advantage of a free 1-hour consultation scheduled by phone at your convenience and take the mystery out of publishing.

How can we help you?

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Design Services

Our designers are very experienced in fiction and nonfiction book covers and interior design so your book's packaging is of the highest possible quality. You can be as involved in the design process as you like - tell the designer what you want precisely, share ideas and watch them become real, or leave it up to them to recommend the perfect cover and interior design to help your title stand out on sales pages. You will receive customized services and guidance from your publishing consultant/managing editor and the design expert - a whole team of experienced professionals at your service.

Publishing Services

Too busy or not tech savvy enough to be comfortable publishing on your own? No idea where to begin? Let us know what you need specifically and we'll provide that support. Options range from teaching you how to do it step by step on your own, to completing the tasks on your behalf and teaching you how to manage your publishing accounts after the fact. Master online copyright registration, ISBN account setup and data entry, author profiles and publishing accounts, keywords and book classification categories, and so much more! This service begins with a free 1-hour consultation to explore your goals and map out the right service plan for you personally.

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